Business Improvement

Optimise IT business processes to achieve more efficient results.


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Workforce Optimisation

To enact a business strategy your workforce must be able to adapt at least as well as your business is competitively required to. Competitive advantage can be realised though if your workforce is able to adapt as much as your business wants it to!

NEXUSBI can help with everything from recruitment, training plans, performance assessment, capacity & utilisation, and more.

Project Planning & Change Leadership

Project Planning should be designed and processes engineered to facilitate delivery, that is the very purpose. Our experienced consultants can support your business in designing and establishing a lean project discipline consistent with either Waterfall or Agile.

At NEXUSBI we recognise organisational capital has taken time and investment to evolve and develop, we seek to work harmoniously with our clients when implementing change:

  • People need to feel comfortable with change
  • Change drivers need to be understood
  • Change agents, advocates and resistant need to be identified early

Software & System Engineering

Software engineering can be expensive, and with many different technologies available it can sometimes be hard to select the right ones.

Our experienced software development consultants can provide a range of services from:

  • Software Delivery Management - a review of processes, tools and methods
  • Technology Selection - Consistent with your Enterprise Architecture
  • On-site Development - For that extra pair of hands
  • Outsourced Development - We will take on the whole job

We specialise in both Agile and Waterfall, we insist upon customer transparency and are technology agnostic.

Business & IT Strategic Alignment

The most successful companies are generally IT companies. One of the main contributors to this is that the Business Strategy and IT strategy are totally in sync and well known throughout the organisation. A good 3-5 year IT Strategy must take into consideration:

  • Organisational Goals
  • Organisational Risks
  • Low hanging fruit/High return initiatives
  • Political and/or Regulatory Changes that may impact the Business
  • Economic changes both Internally and Externally
  • Social and Consumer Trends
  • Emerging Technologies, Changing Technologies
  • External environmental changes
  • Legal, changes in laws which constrain or enable the business

Our skilled professionals can support your business in designing the right IT strategy for your business.

Enterprise & Application Architecture

Without the right approach, delivering solutions to business problems will not only have limited scope within the organisation but also that each implementation is independent, often resulting in orphaned systems, duplication of data and processes, additional infrastructure overhead, lost compounding benefit etc.

At NEXUSBI we can support you in designing your enterprise architecture blueprint for business and technology alignment that will help you reduce costs, minimize risk and increase value. The NEXUSBI enterprise architecture service enables the ongoing alignment of business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions.

IT Department Oversight & Managed Services

A sound IT Strategy is required to be followed, this requires program management, budgeting, project selection, resource planning, recruitment, training planning, contract negotiation, vendor selection and much, much more.

NEXUSBI can help take the load by supplying Senior IT Staff part time and/or remotely managing your infrastructure and systems.

We also have many industry contacts, affiliates and partners to support you in many other areas of your business. Contact Us