We are passionate about providing value for our customers without an ongoing commitment.


Our Story

We are seasoned, experienced IT Professionals from diverse backgrounds and different, but complimentary IT disciplines. Having had the good fortune of working together as a team on multiple projects we have developed a strong sense of comradery and established mutual respect and trust. It is because of this we recognize that together we are a high performance team. We wish to preserve this and have turned our efforts to forming NEXUSBI so we can continue to support businesses in realising the true value and potential of IT.

Our Experience

During our careers we have worked in both the public and private sectors, held consulting roles, been business owners and full time employees at every level from IT entry through to C-Level. We have added value in numerous industry verticals such as Banking, Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution, Telecommunications, Automotive and more.

Our experience tells us that many non IT based businesses fail to realise the value of IT. We see that IT Strategy is often not completely aligned with the Business Strategy and so there is little opportunity to capitalise on emerging strategies or innovation which are key to market competitiveness.

Our Vision

Utilising leading edge tools, frameworks and techniques we can enable our customers to realise lower operational costs, and identify real emerging opportunities through the effective strategic alignment of technology within the business.

Our Core Values

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We act in our clients best interest

With every job, every day.

We have a bias for action

We are a team of doers, when faced with uncertainty, we make our best decision and move forward.

We are open and transparent

Deadlines are real, and our actions must be timely.

We rely upon Initiative

Each employee owns the work and takes responsibility for results.

We ensure the best idea wins

The next big thing can come from anywhere. We solicit ideas constantly, internally and externally.

Professionalism in everything we do

Respect for the people we work with and for, respect for corporate culture and processes, and ensuring we deliver upon our commitments.


At NEXUSBI we foster an environment where people are valued on their output, how well they function in a team, how supportive they are and how willing they are to ask for help. We believe that it is through people that businesses achieve market competitiveness, that they are innovative and prosperous. It is because of this that our recruitment processes are rigorous so that only the best candidates get through.

If you feel you have what it takes, that you want to be part of a growing team then call us now, we’d love to hear from you!
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